to live every moment fully, to embrace before letting go, to find dignity, comfort and peace


Volunteers are essential to the supportive, life-affirming atmosphere you will find here. With 24-hour a day services for patients and families, Solvay Hospice House always needs volunteers. And, we’re flexible: talk to us about finding a time and service that fits you.


Contact our volunteer supervisor at 218-786-4020 / 800-500-8604, or e-mail us.

Ways to Help

There’s an opportunity for every volunteer’s comfort level. For instance, you can help:

  • Patients and families by simply sitting together, reading, listening, talking, or playing games.
  • Support the household by baking cookies, preparing meals, doing laundry, watering plants, weeding gardens, raking, shoveling and more.
  • In a variety of other ways, from being a hostess or greeter to playing music on the piano. Some volunteers knit slippers, sew aprons and create special placemats. Others have performed music. And groups of school children have been our official snowman builders.


Anyone ages 16 and older can volunteer. Contact us to learn more about hospice training and how we can find a time commitment that works for you and our staff.

“Volunteering at the hospice house has really opened my eyes to life. It made me realize life is precious and every moment should be savored. Helping people, many who are in their last stage of life, is a very rewarding experience.”